How To See Chatroulette Boobs

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How To Get Boobs On Chatroulette (taken from The Chatroulette Hall of Fame )

The main reason for most guys to be on chatroulette is to see a pair of chatroulette boobs.. Multiple methods can be used to see chatroulette boobs..

Precursor To The Game.

So as with every online conversation the inevitable ‘What’s up?’ follows, this is the beginning phase of your attack to see some nice chatroulette boobs.

The Game

Saying”Do you want to have fun” is very straight forward and therefore the girl could potentially next you, because most of these girls will not give it up that easy. A very easy way to continue the conversation would be to claim you are bored as well and are just looking for something to pass your time. In a very innocent sounding text propose that you should play a game, something on the lines of “haha yeah well do you want to play a game?” this will work just fine. Remember, the “haha” is a very misleading phrase because it makes you sound somewhat embarrassed and almost down plays what you are proposing.

The Game Instructions

After these girls respond yes to your proposal to play a game, Lay out the instructions, which are very simple yet extremely effective. Then lay down the rules: You ask them a question, they ask you a question and for each wrong answer that person has to take off a piece of clothing. You must remember to not go right in and say that because that could come off as very creepy, and innocence is the key for chatroulette boobs. Request that they start the game, by asking you a question. If you get it wrong you will show them your body (Which is good because it does not directly say you will take off an article of clothing). Your probably thinking what types of questions should be asked considering you both know practically nothing about each other, some good questions are ones that involve age this is good because you can make sure the girl is at least 18 (and then of course if they are, the snapshots are allowed on Chatroulette Hall Of Fame). Simple general questions are the key to see these chatroulette boobs. Make sure you try to answer the question wrong so that you are the first to initiate by taking off your shirt because then it gives you an excuse to be like; “Wtf, I took of my shirt when I answered you wrong, how is that fair?”. If all goes will, which is almost guaranteed, you know that you have successfully Came, Saw and Conquered that girl, and have completed the Ultimate chase and point of Chatroulette, seeing some nice chatroulette boobs.

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